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Make your bachelorette party one to remember

Looking for IDEAS…Look no further! Chances are we have experienced every possible bachelorette party known to man. Do something different.

Take the bachelorette party, for instance. You could do something lame like sit around the apartment playing games. There may even be a cheap stripper. Congrats on having the same bachelorette party as thousands of other girls. Or you can have a bachelorette party onboard your own yacht, and end up with a bachelorette party that goes down in history.

Just imagine you your girls cruising off the coast for a day. You leave with the wind in your hair, ready to celebrate everything it means to be a single man with few responsibilities for one last day. We welcome you, the captain and first mate are already on board, and you ship out to sea. Now this is a real girls bachelorette party.

You plug your iPod into the onboard sound system, crank up your favorite music, and soak in the sun. The  air is crisp and clean. It smells like freedom. But you don’t just lie around on the boat all day. That blue water is calling to you, so you take turns jet skiing. After all, there’s plenty of fuel, and it’s included in the cost of the yacht. Perhaps you get to swim with some dolphins that swim up out of curiosity. Even they know a great party when they see one. The kayak and snorkeling gear ensure that everyone has something fun to do.

Now it’s time to cool off in the spacious interior, or under the covered flybridge, and enjoy a relaxing drink. . Now since it’s a bachelorette party, you probably didn’t want to have to prepare your own meals, so you hired out a caterer. Good food, good drink, good friends, and good fun. What more could you ask for?

Our Happy Bachelorettes